Today is the official start of Google Summer of Code work. Up to now organizations submitted their ideas, organizations had been chosen by Goggle, students decided which ideas and organizations they like and submitted their proposals, Google decided on how many projects from every organizations they are willing to fund, and finally – the best proposals from students were matched to the funded ideas. Encyclopedia of Life and Global Names submitted 4 proposals and we got 3 of them funded, so congratulations to us and to students :)

Student: Avinash Daiict
Mentor: Amr Morad

DevOps Dashboard Sysopia

Student: Viduranga Wijesooriya
Mentor: dimus

Finding Scientific Names

Student: Wencan Luo
Mentor: dimus

I had been very happy to see how many people were interested in the idea of finding scientific names in texts – we had 12 proposals, so competition was fierce this year! I think we got great students and I am looking forward to the Google Summer of Code 2015.