GNparser v1.3.0 is out. The major new functionality is an ability to recognize and parse botanical cultivar names. This ability was added to GNparser by Toby Marsden, thanks Toby for a great patch!

In addition to ICN nomenclatural code for botanical scientific names there is an ICNCP nomenclatural code for cultivated plants. ICNCP supports names like:

Dahlia ‘Doris Day’
Fragaria 'Cambridge Favourite'
Rosa multiflora cv. 'Crimson Rambler'

Now, if these names are parsed as cultivars, the cultivar epithet is included into a canonical form like Rosa multiflora ‘Crimson Rambler’. However such addition would create problems for users who are more interested in the canonical form according to ICN: Rosa multiflora. Therefore, by default GNparser will process such names according to ICN code, providing a warning:

  "quality": 2,
  "warning": "Cultivar epithet"

If a user does need to treat such names as cultivars, there is a flag in the command line app: gnparser "Rosa multiflora cv. 'Crimson Rambler'" -C. When parsed with this flag, warning will disappear and canonical forms will include cultivar information. GNparser web-interface has a “cultivar checkbox” now, as well as there is a “cultivar” option in GNparser RESTful API.

Parsed detailed data for cultivars:

gnparser "Rosa multiflora cv. 'Crimson Rambler'" -C -d -f pretty
  "parsed": true,
  "quality": 1,
  "verbatim": "Rosa multiflora cv. 'Crimson Rambler'",
  "normalized": "Rosa multiflora ‘Crimson Rambler’",
  "canonical": {
    "stemmed": "Rosa multiflor ‘Crimson Rambler’",
    "simple": "Rosa multiflora ‘Crimson Rambler’",
    "full": "Rosa multiflora ‘Crimson Rambler’"
  "cardinality": 3,
  "details": {
    "species": {
      "genus": "Rosa",
      "species": "multiflora",
      "cultivar": "‘Crimson Rambler’"
  "words": [
      "verbatim": "Rosa",
      "normalized": "Rosa",
      "wordType": "GENUS",
      "start": 0,
      "end": 4
      "verbatim": "multiflora",
      "normalized": "multiflora",
      "wordType": "SPECIES",
      "start": 5,
      "end": 15
      "verbatim": "Crimson Rambler",
      "normalized": "‘Crimson Rambler’",
      "wordType": "CULTIVAR",
      "start": 21,
      "end": 36
  "id": "38ff69c4-7e1a-5a26-bfc4-ee641fed6ba7",
  "parserVersion": "nightly"

In addition Toby found and helped to fix problems with stemming of hybrid formulas and with providing correct output for hybrid signs in the “details:words” section. Again, thanks for this contribution Toby Marsden!

You can grab GNparser v1.3.0 binaries and follow installation instructions, or use Homebrew to install it on operating systems that support it:

brew tap gnames/gn
brew install gnparser