We are happy to announce the release of gnparser. Changes in the v0.3.3 release:

  • add optionally showing canonical name UUID
scala> fromString("Homo sapiens").render(compact=false, showCanonicalUuid=true)
res0: String = 
// ...
  "canonical_name" : {
    "id" : "16f235a0-e4a3-529c-9b83-bd15fe722110",
    "value" : "Homo sapiens"
// ...
  • add year’s range to AST node that is encoded with Year’s field rangeEnd: Option[CapturePosition]

  • parse names ending on hybrid sign (#88)

  • support hybrid abbreviation expansions (#310)

  • support raw hybrid formula parsing (#311)

  • continuous build is moved to CircleCI

  • and many structural changes, bug-fixes and quality improvements. They are described in the release documenation.