Today we had our first meeting to start NetiNeti enhancement project funded by Google Summer of Code. The studend who was selected do do the job is a 4th year graduate from University of Philadelphia Wencan Luo.

The purpose of the project is to improve performance of our NLP-based scientific name finding tool – NetiNeti, developed 5 years ago by [Lakshmi Manohar Acella][lakshmi]. Lets see how it will go…

Official coding time starts on May 27th – for now we are going through a design phase – figuring out who are the users of the application, then we will try to do idealized design of its features, find implementaion paths and limitations existing to implement the features and then Wencan is going to do exploration of features.

For the process we are going to use ZenHub to manage issues, obviosusly GitHub for the code and ability to have a project related blog with Github and Jekyll.