Version 1.2.0 of GNparser is out. It adds an option to parse low-case names in case if a checklist does not follow nomenclatural standards.

$ gnparser "plantago major" --capitalize
085e38af-e19b-56e5-9fec-5d81a467a656,plantago major,2,Plantago maior,Plantago major,Plantago major,,,4

Capitalization does not apply if for named hybrids

$ gnparser "xAus bus" -c
9b24b828-88a6-58b7-ac76-1342c8ac135d,xAus bus,2,Aus bus,Aus bus,× Aus bus,,,3

GNparser assigns Quality=4 (the worst) and issues a warning.

$ gnparser "plantago major" -c -f pretty
  "parsed": true,
  "quality": 4,
  "qualityWarnings": [
      "quality": 4,
      "warning": "Name starts with low-case character"
  "verbatim": "plantago major",
  "normalized": "Plantago major",
  "canonical": {
    "stemmed": "Plantago maior",
    "simple": "Plantago major",
    "full": "Plantago major"
  "cardinality": 2,
  "id": "085e38af-e19b-56e5-9fec-5d81a467a656",
  "parserVersion": "nightly"