New version of gn_crossmap tool is out.

Global Names Crossmap tool allows to match names from a a spreadsheet to names from any data source in Global Names Resolver.

The main change in this version – output file with crossmap data now contains all fields from original input document and it allows to filter and sort data using any field from the input.

Other changes are

  • @dimus - #5 - All original fields are now preserved in the output file.

  • @dimus - #3 - If ingest has more than 10K rows – user will see logging events

  • @dimus - #4 Bug - Add error messages if headers don’t have necessary fields

  • @dimus - #2 - Header fields are now allowed to have trailing spaces

  • @dimus - #7 Bug - Empty rank does not break crossmapping anymore

  • @dimus - #1 Bug - Add missing rest-client gem