New version of Scientific Name Parser is out

Addressing most of Issue #7

Do not parse non-virus names containing RNA

If a name was not detected as a virus but contains RNA word it will not be parsed anymore. It is a problem for some surrogate names, like Candida albicans RNA_CTR0-3 but they are very rare.

Name Action
Candida albicans RNA_CTR0-3 Not parsed
Alpha proteobacterium RNA12 Not parsed
Ustilaginoidea virens RNA virus Not parsed, marked as virus
Calathus (Lindrothius) KURNAKOV 1961 Parsed as before

Better detection of virus names

Names containing virophage *NPV, *sattelite, *particle are marked as ‘viruses’ and not parsed

Gossypium mustilinum symptomless alphasatellite
Okra leaf curl Mali alphasatellites-Cameroon
Bemisia betasatellite LW-2014
Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh betasatellites [India/Patna/Chilli/2008]
Intracisternal A-particles
Saccharomyces cerevisiae killer particle M1
Uranotaenia sapphirina NPV
Spodoptera exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus SeMNPV
Spodoptera frugiperda MNPV
Rachiplusia ou MNPV (strain R1)
Orgyia pseudotsugata nuclear polyhedrosis virus OpMNPV
Mamestra configurata NPV-A
Helicoverpa armigera SNPV NNg1
Zamilon virophage
Sputnik virophage 3

Better handling of species/infraspecies epithets with apostrophe

Names like below are now parsed correctly. Their normalized/canonical forms preserve apostrophe

Junellia o'donelli Moldenke, 1946
Trophon d'orbignyi Carcelles, 1946
Arca m'coyi Tenison-Woods, 1878
Nucula m'andrewii Hanley, 1860
Eristalis l'herminierii Macquart
Odynerus o'neili Cameron
Serjania meridionalis Cambess. var. o'donelli F.A. Barkley