uBio and Nomenclator Zoologicus online experienced difficulties this year and had been down a lot lately, mostly because there is no system administrator to look for them at Marine Biological Laboratory anymore.

I moved uBio from old hardware at Marine Biological Laboratory to Google Container Engine, and it is running again. Some functionality is not back yet, mostly due to some hard-coded configuration parameters in files. I hope problems with the code will be fixed eventually by interested parties (I do not plan to rewrite the code). I’ll coordinate my efforts with Dave Remsen and Patrick Leary, and hopefully together we will preserve uBio for the community.

Please note that being a system administrator for uBio is not part of my job. I like the project, I consider it to be a ‘precursor’ of GN, I will try my best to keep it running on my spare time. MBL/WHOI library pays for the cloud.

Docker containers to run uBio are located at dockerhub. We use Docker and Kubernetes at Google Container Engine to keep it alive.